Not all private investigation companies supply the same service; modus operandi and ability vary widely. Our BS 102000-compliant services are externally audited by the National Security Inspectorate, providing independent verification that we adhere to the highest industry standards and best practice.

In the absence of mandatory licensing there is an increasing expectation that investigative service providers afford equal status to legality and morality. It is no longer acceptable to claim the moral high ground, we must own it. It is important not to judge us exclusively by our results, but also how we achieve them.

Video evidence credibility analysis service (VECAS®)

Specialised Investigation Services Ltd is the only UK company to offer a BS 102000-compliant video evidence credibility analysis service, which makes it uniquely positioned to deliver authoritative commentary to assist claimants and defendants to form opinion on the veracity of surveillance evidence, to provide insight on its integrity.

VECAS® provides impartial analytical review based on professional and technical expertise. Our APIL expert is also a member of the Association of British Investigators, the World Association of Detectives and the Fraud Advisory Panel.

There is nothing more persuasive for a court than film of personal injury claimants engaged in activities contrary to their stated limitations. Consequently, it is vital all parties have complete confidence in the credibility of the surveillance evidence disclosed to them, including the methods used to obtain it. Our BS 102000-compliant VECAS® service provides that confidence.

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Unmanned surveillance (SmartVeillance®)

Our SmartVeillance® (SV) service draws on the phenomenal success of an award-winning pedigree in dynamic, unmanned surveillance solutions. Embracing 4G technology, our latest-generation SV units provide a credible, risk-averse alternative to conventional manned surveillance. Key benefits of this BS 102000-compliant service include:

  • Continuity of evidence to defeat selective filming, biased editing, and similar unethical manned surveillance practices.
  • Especially relevant to high value and catastrophic injury cases requiring a comprehensive intelligence picture, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Guarantees impartiality by eradicating reliance on real-time subjective human involvement.
  • Secure, encrypted, superior quality evidence, recorded in high definition.
  • Potential to deliver savings of 50%+, on a like-for-like comparison, with conventional manned surveillance.

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Conventional Surveillance

Our innovative SmartVeillance® product is complemented by an intelligence-led specialist conventional surveillance service, including personal injury and employee absenteeism validation. BS 102000-compliant surveillance assignments are conducted by personnel screened to BS 7858 and each is underpinned by a comprehensive Data Protection Impact Assessment, that forms an integral part of the formal reporting process.

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Confidential investigations

BS 102000-compliant investigations managed by a member of the Association of British Investigators (ABI) screened to BS 7858.

“It is a fact that the only effectively vetted, regulated and accountable private investigators in the UK today are the members of the ABI.”

(House of Commons Home Affairs Committee)

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personal injury surveillance the definitive guide sam greer
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Personal Injury Surveillance – The Definitive Guide


Expert Sam Greer examines the insurance industry’s use of surveillance in personal injury claims.

Personal injury insurance fraud is endemic. Often the default position of the besieged insurance industry, and its investigative supply chain, is not to view claimants as accident victims, but rather, potential fraudsters. Genuine personal injury claimants have a fundamental entitlement to fair treatment and justice. So too, insurers.

Personal Injury Surveillance is a unique guide, providing an insight into the hitherto undisclosed methodologies of personal injury surveillance and the systemic use of an unregulated profession to investigate accident victims. Surveillance is one of many tools used by the UK insurance industry to investigate the veracity of a personal injury claim; others include statistical analysis of claims data and complex algorithms with key fraud indicators, enabling insurers to get upstream of the issue and, in some cases, actually predict fraud before it occurs. However, there is nothing more compelling than surveillance evidence which is why it remains a fundamental element of the claims management process.

Release date: 28th February 2019
ISBN: 978 1789015 522
Price: £24.99 Excluding P&P

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Approved Services: The Provision of Investigative Services.
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VECAS® The UK’s only BS 102000-compliant video evidence credibility analysis service.